Friday, May 16, 2014

Oh Dear

Most of you know by now, but that last Thursday night I was working late and my machine decided to start making this awful screeching noise  and I knew she was telling me she had had enough!  I almost cried.  I am just thankful she finished the job she was stitching out so nothing got ruined!   I mean really, could it have happened at a worse time?   Christmas, end of school year and back to school are the craziest times at TSP.  But I knew there was nothing I could do. So she is still in the shop and I am hoping her homecoming will be today or tomorrow.  I cannot say THANK YOU enough for being so understanding. Trust me, I know the frustration and I may not see the light of day once she gets back while I try to get caught up!   In the meantime here are some pictures of things I had been working on before...

These ruffled gowns are PRECIOUS!  They come in pink and white. 

 Love the way these burp cloths turned out
 I have one more set of swimsuits to finish and then I will be able to post my leftovers for anyone who may still want them!

 New baseball design!  LOVE!

Hope you have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!

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