Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 14- Carry All Bag

Congrats to Bethany Sarratt for winning the seersucker tote!  Just send me an email with which color you would like and what you would like on it!  Enjoy Bethany!!

I will start off by saying HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!  I've enjoyed sharing the LOVE with you guys the past 2 weeks!  Hope your day is extra special shared with those you love.  I have a hot date with a cute 7 year old boy tonight and I can't wait! ;)

I've saved my my most favorite TSP item for today!  THE CARRY ALL BAG!  I am serious when I say I think everyone needs one of these.  I literally use mine year round.  I take it full of blankets, snacks, etc to the ball field.  I pack it with beach towels and all our pool gear.  I use it to tote gifts at Christmas time.  I think they make an absolutely perfect gift for the person that is hard to shop for.  I just think they are fabulous!  And at $28 each they are most of all....AFFORDABLE!
Today I am giving away a fun striped one, but they also come in black or aqua chevron.  I have a limited amount of pink and solid black in stock, but they are going to stop carrying those colors. :(

And because I've had so much fun this week today I am also offering 10% off any of the items featured in the giveaways.  So if you order any of the following today FEBRUARY 14 you will receive 10% off the item!  Some of the items have very limited quantities and some have already sold out, but if you were thinking about ordering today is the day! :) Also, even though I have featured certain colors and prints the 10% is off any print you would like.  Just email me if you have questions about what is available.  I've listed the full price, but you can take the 10% off listed price.
  • chevron scarf $16 plain or $22 monogrammed
  • fleece blanket $18
  • make up travel case $20
  • koozie $10
  • wallet $12
  • seersucker boxer $14
  • ruffled towel $20
  • monogrammed necklace $24, $26, $28 (depending on size)
  • quilted tote $25
  • mini market tote $23
  • seersucker tote $22
  • carry all bag $28

Thank you again for supporting Tickled Sew Pink and making it what it is.  I do not forget that you are why I get to do what I do!  
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  1. Thank you so much for all of the fun giveaways! I look forward to ordering from you in the future!!