Sunday, November 17, 2013

Picture Post

These chevron trick or treat bags were a hit!  I hope to get more next year!

 Even though I don't cheer for this team, thought this shirt turned out darling! ;)
 A sweet little girl spent some time at Disney around Halloween!

 Loving the new chevron print market totes!
 Preschool sized backpacks make darling gifts throughout the year.  They are a perfect transitonal diaper bags when you don't need the huge one anymore, but still need diapers/wipes and snacks.  My nephew keeps all his army guys and cars in his to take to the ball field and we use ours as a dance bag!  Lots of uses other than just as a school bag. 

 I will probably do one more order of acrylic necklaces before Christmas.  Cute with names, sports teams, or initals!  And great gifts!
 Chevron drawstring gym bags.
 A bride gave mini market totes as gifts to several people in her wedding party!

 And the ever so popular Christmas pjs you all ordered in July all finally arrived. I am working hard to get them all out by the end of Nov!!  I am not able to get anymore this season.  So sorry!

 I've already started several Christmas orders.  Last call will be very soon so don't wait!!

 From a girl who loves shoes...this is a new favorite of mine!!
 *fleece pull overs provided by customer

 They even had American Girl size pjs! For real!  I am dying over how cute they are!

Sorry for the super long break in between updates.  It's getting busy and starting to look a lot like Chrismas season around here!!

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