Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's in Stock?

Here is what I have left in back to school items!  


Black/White Cruz Collection (1)

 Nylon chocolate/orange (1)

Lavender Seersucker (2)
Have 1 matching lunch box
Preschool Size

Chocolate Gingham (1)
Chocolate Seersucker (1)

Navy Seersucker (2)
 Aqua seersucker (2)
*no applique, just basic monogram
 Pink Seersucker (1)

 Lavender Seersucker (1)
Have 1 matching lunch box
Nylon navy/orange (3)
 Nylon aqua/red (2)
 Nylon black/pink polka (1)
 Nylon navy/lime (7)
Have 3 matching lunchboxes
 Nylon Chocolate bloom (1)


Navy Lime (3)

I also have a camo and lavender seersucker lunch tote, but for some reason can't get the pictures to upload!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Keeping it Real with TSP

Today's post is a Keeping it Real with TSP.  Remember this post.  I was keeping it real with our playroom situation. Thankfully it doesn't look like that anymore.  Well this keeping it real moment happened in that very room!  Any other mommas out there experienced this before?  

Yep my precious daughter did THIS!  The best part was when I said "You cut your hair!!"  She said "no I didn't." UH....YES YOU DID SISTER! Like she thought I wouldn't notice.  I won't go into what else was said, but let's just say it wasn't my finest mom moment!  

She left this side alone. :)

 Too bad mullets aren't in style.  
 SO SO SO  thankful for my amazing hair girl who opened her shop up at 9:00 on a Saturday night and was able to perform this miracle! If you need an amazing stylist Tammy Wright at Sculptures in Tulsa is your gal!

 I actually really love the new bob.  It makes me sad that she looks older, but it makes her hair look so much thicker and healthy.  And of course I would have rather it been under different circumstances, but all is well that ends well. :)

 Now on to real  TSP happenings.  I am happy to say I survived another back to school season and by far my busiest yet.  I truly cannot say thank you enough to you for referring your friends and letting me be a part of your life.  You are why TSP is what it is.  I thank God everyday for you!
And by the last minute my kiddos got their backpacks embroidered too!  They always come in last when it comes to getting their stuff personalized by me.  It's why I have Paperdoll Designs!
 The lunchbox on the left is the new style from the seersucker and nylon collections.  Super roomy and has an attachment for the backpacks.
 Still loving these little wallets.

 At the last minute I was able to get my hands on some black chevron backpacks. I still have 2 left if you are in need. 

 Big Brother Mustache shirt for a gender reveal party!
*customer provided navy shirt

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Picture Post

To say it has been busy at TSP is an understatement, but I do love seeing all the pretty things go out!  Hope you guys are TICKLED PINK with your orders!

These wallets are seriously a great gift!  At $12 they are perfect with a little gift card inside! 
I still have a few polka dot and zebra onesies available.  They are cute monogrammed for daily wear or precious for Christmas and Valentine's Day!

 I was so sad when these chevron backpacks sold out so quickly!  I was able to snag one!
 This lattice print in all the colors is precious too!  My littlest K picked this for her bag too! Poor thing, her's isn't monogrammed yet, but will be by her first day on Thursday!   Have I mentioned that I may be in a tiny depression come Thursday?!  I will have no littles at home anymore.  Both my babies will officially be in school full time.  I am not sure what I am going to do besides cry!
 These matching gym bags are presh!
 Football season is right around the corner!  Who do you cheer for? 
 Chevron gym bag
 I am still selling a ton of these clutches and everyone who has gotten one LOVES it!  Lots of font choices too!
 Name necklaces make a great gift!

 Hope everyone's kiddos have an amazing school year!!
 In between backpacks, I've be able to sneak in a few baby gifts as well!