Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Class of 2013

I can't believe it is already graduation time!  I have a little brother graduating this year which seems so crazy to me!  We are 16 years apart and it seems like just yesterday that he was born!
Graduation is right around the corner and now is the time to order gifts for all those grads! Here are some cute ideas for the grads in your life!  

Monogram necklace.  They come in royal blue, pearl, lime, pink, orange, aqua, garnet, kelly green, purple, white and grey, red, and black.  You can order the circle block or intertwined script font and either silver/gold chain.
Here is a picture of a 1.5 next to a 1".
 Can jackets are great little add on gift as well!  
$10 monogrammed
 Seersucker totes
$22 monogrammed
Come in orange, pink, lavender, aqua, red, brown, lime, and navy. 
 Probably one of the most popular gifts are towels and towel wraps.  I do not stock towels, but I am happy to monogram any that you would like to drop by.  
Towel wraps are great quality and can be matched to school colors or sorority colors. 
Come in white, black, navy, light pink, purple, red, aqua, chocolate, lavender, orange, yellow, burgundy, hot pink, lime green, and silver.  
Wraps are $25 monogrammed

Medium Quilted totes are $25 monogrammed, large tote $26,  and duffle bags are $31
Come in a variety of colors, but I only keep a select stock on hand.  

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