Monday, April 29, 2013

Towel Wrap Special

Save 10% on all Spa Wraps ordered by Tuesday at midnight!  These make fabulous graduation gifts and wedding party gifts!  
Originally $25
 Match college colors, sorority colors, wedding colors, or just pick their favorite!

White, black, navy, light pink, purple, red, aqua, burgandy, chocolate, hot pink, lavender, lime, orange, yellow, and silver available!

Friday, April 19, 2013

TSP who?

I was inspired by my fellow blogger/stay at home business mom, the Paperdoll to start blogging more and what better way than to let you know a little bit about me!  I used to keep a family blog, but that went to the wayside LONG ago.  I just could not find time to keep up with being a wife, mom, business owner, etc. and blogging.  So I may start using this blog as mostly TSP, but a little bit Schultheis life thrown in for fun!  I only get to "talk" to most of you through email and Facebook but some of you I feel like I really know even if you do live in another state! ;) So here goes a few tidbits about Terra or as some of your husbands know me, TSP!

1. I've been married for almost 13 years, have an almost (sniff, sniff) 7 year old boy, Kylan, and 4 1/2 year old girl, Kynlee.

2.  I have 4 sisters and 1 brother and I am the oldest!   My baby brother graduates high school this year and I can hardly believe it because I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.
 Heather, Drew, and Me
 Sarah, me, Brittany, Lyndsi

3.  I was a teacher before I started TSP.  I taught 5 years at Jenks West Elementary 3/4th grades.  It is hard for me to even say this, but some of my students are already 1/2 done with college.  AHH!! That will make a girl feel old!  I also taught with some of my former teachers and that probably made them feel old! :)

4.  In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my AMAZING friends.   Seriously, they are like the family I got to choose.  I couldn't get through my days without them! I also enjoy running.  Which I never thought I would say. I started running about 2.5 years ago and it really is a stress reliever!  I just ran my second half marathon 2 weeks ago with my sweet friend, Becky.  We decided if we were going to train we were going to go somewhere fun to run and ran ourselves right to HOLLYWOOD,  CA!  Ha!  I leave next week to run in the Rock n' Roll Country Music 1/2 Marathon in Nashville.  Looking forward to it especially after all the horrific things that have happened in Boston this week.
5.  I started TSP in January 2010. I never imagined it would grow to be what it is today, but I feel more than blessed to have such amazing customers!

6.  My favorite color is pink.  SHOCKING, I know. :)

7.  My favorite food is Mexican.  Just ask my friends because that might be an understatement!  I have a standing lunch date on Mondays with my friend, Kim, and the fellows at Sr. Tequila at 101st may or may not know us very well!  I tease that they hug us the minute we walk in the door because we keep them in business!!

8.  My other favorite food is Dr. Pepper.  Now that I think of it, maybe the Mexican food and DP is why I have to run and not to relieve stress.  Ha!  Here is what I treated myself to after my 1/2 marathon in California. I cannot think of a better reward for running 13 miles!

9. I love spring/summer and HATE cold weather!!  My son plays hockey and I really do try to like it, but I can't get over sitting in the COLD rink.  Baseball is more my sport!  In fact, I am the crazy mom in the stands screaming my head off!  If you are ever in Bixby and playing the Cubs just ignore me!  I'm super competitive and it comes out when I play/watch games. Ha!  I apologize now!

10.  I don't eat dairy and for some reason people around here can't get over that.  When I order my food with "no cheese please", you would think I spoke another language.  They just don't "get it".  :)

11.  I love to iron.  I iron EVERYTHING my family/myself wears and it has to be right before we put the clothes on.

Okay, that might be enough strange facts to run a few of you off!  Ha!  Leave me a comment telling me something about you!  I love learning about my customers!  Maybe I will even do a giveaway from those that comment on this post!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Picture Post

Easter Shirt
 Infant gown with cirlce monogram
 I stocked up on as many of these towels as I could before they ran out.  They are absolutely adorable for summer at the pool or to hang in your little girl's bathrom!  This was a gift I put together for Kynlee's sweet friend.
$20 including monogram
I have white and yellow!!
 These monogram necklaces are a hit right now! They would make a perfect graduation, Mother's Day, or end of year teacher gift!!

 Chevron is everywhere right now and I am loving this carry all bag.  I tell you it is my go to bag for the pool and ball field!!

 Pink frill romper
 This was made for a Saints fan, but can be done in any color combination!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Class of 2013

I can't believe it is already graduation time!  I have a little brother graduating this year which seems so crazy to me!  We are 16 years apart and it seems like just yesterday that he was born!
Graduation is right around the corner and now is the time to order gifts for all those grads! Here are some cute ideas for the grads in your life!  

Monogram necklace.  They come in royal blue, pearl, lime, pink, orange, aqua, garnet, kelly green, purple, white and grey, red, and black.  You can order the circle block or intertwined script font and either silver/gold chain.
Here is a picture of a 1.5 next to a 1".
 Can jackets are great little add on gift as well!  
$10 monogrammed
 Seersucker totes
$22 monogrammed
Come in orange, pink, lavender, aqua, red, brown, lime, and navy. 
 Probably one of the most popular gifts are towels and towel wraps.  I do not stock towels, but I am happy to monogram any that you would like to drop by.  
Towel wraps are great quality and can be matched to school colors or sorority colors. 
Come in white, black, navy, light pink, purple, red, aqua, chocolate, lavender, orange, yellow, burgundy, hot pink, lime green, and silver.  
Wraps are $25 monogrammed

Medium Quilted totes are $25 monogrammed, large tote $26,  and duffle bags are $31
Come in a variety of colors, but I only keep a select stock on hand.