Sunday, January 13, 2013

Swimsuit Pre Sale

There was enough interest in the swimsuits that I am going to do a presale through January 21.  I will order them and hope to get them sometime in  February.  There will be another presale in late February and will include 1 piece girls as well.  The current pricing for the presale is $32 for the girls and $24 for boys swim trunks and includes basic monogram.  Girl's one pieces in the next sale will be approx. $2 more per suit.  

Please notice on the measurements it is done in CM, not INCHES.  So it is just measuring one side of the suite, not all the way around.  Orders will only be accepted through email, so please do not comment on this post or on FB with sizing and color options.  It will keep it simple for me to have all orders in one place.  So send your order to

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