Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Monogram Swap

I just went and sat myself up a seperate blog for free on to sell my monogrammed items. It literally took me 2 seconds to set it up and load the pictures.  Then you just copy the address into the linky tool below and BAM there you go!  Easy peasy!

Well it's finally Wednesday and I as I type this I giggle because I was so excited about today and yet I don't have all my pictures of my monogrammed items to get rid of done yet so I won't be posting mine just yet, but after I get the kiddos off to school that is my numero uno priority!  So someone else step up to the plate!  Post those items and don't forget to share this with your friends!  The more that participate the more success we will have!!
Your title might look like this:  0-12m "K",  "Maggie", or "kSa" etc.  so people know which links to click on! Like I said I know several of you have just want to give away your items and that is fine too!  Just post a link and people can contact you!  Also, you might have items that aren't kid related like towels, bags, stockings, etc.  That is fine too!!

Buy/Sell/Trade AWAY!!!

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