Monday, January 21, 2013

Monogram Swap Wednesday!!

It's finally here! I am so excited to be hosting a monogram swap! I know several of us have items that are monogrammed that we are ready to part with but aren't sure what to do with them.  THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

Come back on Wednesday and there will be a place to link your blog or facebook page where you will have items for sale.  Basically if you have a personal blog you will make a  post that day with items/pictures of items you have for sale or to give away that are monogrammed on your own blog!  Then on my website there will be a place for you to enter your blog/facebook link along with a short description and people who are interested in your items will contact you.

For this to be successful you HAVE to share it with your friends.  Post on Facebook or other social media outlets so we have lots of participants.  I know some people will just be shopping and several of you have things to get rid of.  I know I do!!  I am giving you a few days notice to share so people can get their things together and then be ready to link up on Wednesday!  I will keep the link open for a week so check back often in case new things get added!

I know I am not the best at describing this, but it really will be easy and it will walk you right through how to link up!!  YAY!!  I'm off to gather my items! Hope you are too!!

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