Saturday, October 13, 2012

Boomer Sooner!!

Okay, had to get that out of the way! Ha!  I know I promised to be better at posting and it has been over  a month!  Geez, where did September go?!    Oh well!  Here are some fun things I've been working on since I last updated!

Coordinating Sooner shirts for siblings
 And YES, I will make shirts for the "other team"! Ha!
 Thought the leopard football was darling!
 Baby gift!
 You can change the fabrics to match any team!
$12 includes single or 3 initial monogram

 Fun baby girl gift!
 Owl Lovie Blanket
$24 monogrammed
NEW seersucker/minky bibs
These bibs are precious with seersucker on one side and minky fabric on the other.
Come in pink, lavender, blue, lime, aqua, chocolate, and orange.
$12.50 monogrammed

 Twin Baby gift
Gowns $15
Chocolate bears $20

 These wallets make a perfect birthday gift by themselves or with a gift card tucked inside!

 How cute are these pillowcases?
I learned that if you are going on a Disney cruise and you give them a pillowcase they will have all the characters sign it and get it back to your room by the last night.  Too fun! I will be doing this when we go!

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