Monday, September 10, 2012


First of all HAPPY MONDAY!  I get asks lots of random questions as a small business owner so I thought I would do a little post about MY small business and myself.  These answers obviously do not apply to all embroidery companies, but for me they do! :)

Q: When do you normally work? 
A:  That is a fabulous question!  It really depends what time of year it is.  During the summer it was more late night because I want to spend the days with my kiddos.  Right now I have 4 hours a day 3 days a week with no kids and I try to work then as much as I can as well as after they are in bed.  I usually work 6 days a week (Sunday-Friday)  and yes even sometimes I pull a week where I work every day!  I don't like to do that though!  Everyone deserves a day off, right?!  I currently work by myself and have gone back and forth on "hiring" someone to help me, but really sometimes it's just easier to do it myself than teach someone else all the tricks I've learned over the last 3 years.  But maybe one day I'll have myself a TSP helper. :)

Q: Since I always pick up from the pink tub or have you mail my order I never see you, what do you look like?
A:  I laugh because I order some of my favorite personalized gifts from another small in home business in Tulsa and I remember ordering from her for well over a year and always picking up from the tub.  She was so sweet over email and I always wondered what she was like in "real life" and one day I actually got to meet her! It was so neat to finally put a face with an email.  Okay and I might have called a friend who uses her too and said "I met the Paperdoll in REAL LIFE!"  I  am a dork like that.  Ha! (and Karen if you are reading this, I'm sure you are cracking up and thinking I'm a weirdo about now!)   Here is a picture of my family.  I married my high school sweetheart, Chris.  We've been together over 15 years (Married a little over 12).  I have a 6 year old son, Kylan, who is all boy and loves sports!  Then there is the life of our family my almost 4 (tear!) year old little girl, Kynlee.  She is all girl and doesn't really require much more of an explanation than that! Ha! Ps. You should totally check out Paperdoll Designs she is fabulous and one of my very favorite people ever to order from!

Q: What did you do before TSP and how did you learn to embroider?
All I ever dreamed of being as a little girl was a teacher and that is exactly what I grew up to be.  I taught 5 years at Jenks West Elementary (4 years of third grade/1 year of fourth grade) before I had my little boy.  I absolutely loved it, but knew I also wanted to be a stay at home mom after I had kids!   Once I had Kynlee I fell in love with all the cutesy, girly stuff and thought "I think I could make that!"  So I researched machines and decided to buy a commercial machine and see where it went. I honestly thought I would use it to monogram my own items and things for friends, but NEVER did I see it growing into what it has become today.  I literally taught myself through reading workbooks and the Internet how to embroider.  That and LOTS of trial and error mistakes. : ) I thank God daily for blessing me far more than I could ever have imagined!  So there you have a quick summary of the beginnings of TSP.

Q: How do you decide what to stock and order by request?
A: That is a hard question that really changes with the seasons.  I used to make Target runs for shirts/onesies, but I have learned my popular sizes and have decided to stock those here at the house.  Same with bags and other baby gifts.  Some companies I order from have minimum $ amounts I have to order so I order what I think will sell and hopefully I'm right.  I am not always however...that's when sometimes you'll see it on sale.  :)  Or....I love a good deal so I'll offer a sale just to pass that along to you! :)  Who doesn't love a good sale item?!  It is hard as a small business buying product up front and hoping that it sells or eating the cost of something I mess up.  That has definitely been one area I have had to learn as I go on or you'll see me take pre orders on some items if I don't want to stock it full time.  That and I run out of room pretty quickly in my tiny little office/sewing room. :)

Q: What designs to you have?
A: I have a ton and try to picture them on Facebook or my blog, but always know pretty much any design/applique you see can be personalized with any fabric or colors which can change the look of a design very easily!  I love hearing your ideas so if you ever have a design you want to see me make just email me.  If it is something I think will sell well I am usually happy to look for/buy the design.  Unfortunately I  do not digitize (take a photo/design and turn it into stitches that I can use for embroidery) so I buy all my applique designs/fonts. 

Hope that answered some of your questions or you at least learned a little about me.   Hope you have a great week!!!

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