Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hello out there!!!

I have no idea if anyone out there is even still reading this, but if you are HI!  I really do have good intentions of updating this, but if you want a more reliable source of updates "like" TSP on Facebook!  

Diaper Bag
I do not have any more in stock currently, but hope to order more soon!  They come in lots of colors and patterns and come with a zipper pouch for diapers/wipes and a matching changing pad.

 I am loving this polka dot border with the seersucker totes!  These make wonderful gifts.  
Lots of colors to choose from!! Perfect for teachers, the beach, or just a great bag to tote to the ball field.  THey are machine washable which is even better!

 Valentine's Day tie shirt
Chocolate seersucker gift set.
Preschool backpack $25
Seersucker shorts $14 (now come in size 2, 3, 4T as well for only $16)
 This is the original swirly heart Valentine's Day shirt with a starburst border.  Love it!

 Preschool backpacks make great gifts!  We like to fill ours with a book, Barbie, or crafts!
Shamrock shirt
Shamrock Truck
 This sweet owl has become a best seller here at TSP
 Jayhawk Gift Set
 Daddy's Little Girl Camo onesie
On a side note, next to Christmas spring and early summer are busy times here at TSP.  Remember to allow at least 2 weeks for your order to be complete.  I try my best to work quicker than that, but as my list gets longer I'm getting closer to the 2 week mark.  Also, the week of Spring Break (March 16-25) I will be working, but not as much as normal, so it might take me a little longer to respond to emails and get orders completed.  As I always say, my family comes first so I hope to have a little bit of "guilt free" fun with my kiddos while they are out of school.   Yes, I have guilt when I work while they are at home entertaining themselves!  :)  Happy Thursday!!!

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