Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh Dear...Where has the time gone?

Holy almost February!  I have been horrible at updating! So sorry!  I promise to try to be better!  We've had a lot going on here since my last update in December.   Ky and I were sick 2 weeks ago with strep and tonsillitis and now sister is dealing with an icky wheezy cough.  

 Let's see...last Saturday we made an impromptu visit to Petco.  My kids love to go there and look at the hamsters, ferrets, snakes etc.  Well who knew Saturdays were adoption days!  We ended up bringing home this little fur ball!  How cute is she?  We named her Nala!  We immediately fell in love with this 1.25 lb baby!  Someone had left her and her siblings in a box on the side of the highway.  So sad!  Long story short, Nala took a very bad turn on Sunday (the day after we got her.) I spent the day syringe feeding her pedialyte every 30 minutes.  Monday we took her to an emergency vet where she almost left us.  She spent all week there and we finally brought her home Friday.  We are now syringe feeding her every 2 hours around the clock so needless to say we are TIRED around here.  She is down to under a pound so we are praying that she recovers and we get to make lots of memories with her!  
However I am trying to stay caught up with all my TSP orders.  Here are some  fun things I've done over the past few weeks.

These carry all bags are seriously one of my favorite TSP items.  They are just so practical and also a fun gift.
 I made lots of mini market totes around the holidays!

 I think we are hitting another baby boom.  Seems like lots of babies have been born recently or about to make their appearance. 
 Loving this new football lace onesie for little boys!
 Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  Lots of designs available.  See all my examples on Facebook.

 Valentine Tie Onesie

 2 little girls are going to be getting a fun surprise trip to Disney World for Valentine's Day!
I'm super excited about some new items I am going to start carrying.  I am trying to come up with some  gift ideas and will be sharing some new things very soon!

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