Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Picture Post

Whew!  I have never monogrammed so many backpacks, lunch boxes, and nap mats!  And let me say, you guys have some cute taste! I loved seeing all your little one's choices for bags.  

 This little girl had some precious matching red leopard shoes to go with this onesie!  I asked her to send me a picture of Harper when she wears this outfit.  I know it will be to die for cute!

 Happy Birthday sweet Reagan!

 If you are local you MUST check out Peek a Boo Baby!  They are the most precious baby boutique in town and I love doing their monogramming.   These precious outfits came from there.  Cute, cute, cute gifts!

My kiddos are both back in school which has helped me so much! I am able to get a ton of work done during the day and get to bed at a much earlier time!  I LOVE IT!   It also means I can get your orders out quicker than 2 weeks as of right now! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm BAAACK!!!!!

Thank you so much for honoring my decision to step away for a little bit to hang out with my family.  I had such a great summer and hope you guys did too.  Now it's back to the grind and right now I am swimming in backpacks and lunch boxes. Ha!

Does your cheer squad need bags?  I can monogram bags you already have or order you some for your squad!
CHS Cheer 
black bag provided by squad
I do group pricing when you order several of the same style. Contact me for more information!
Blue bag provided by TSP!

 Every college student needs a personalized towel wrap.  
$25-several color options available

 Jenks Cheer
bags and bows provided by customer

 TSP does carry nap mats.  These are great for preschool and Mother's Day Out!

 Yes, I will monogram a backpack you already have.  There are some instances where I am unable to monogram something.  If I doubt it at all I will let you know! I do not want to mess up your belongings !

 Another Jenks cheer squad.  Bags provided by TSP.

 These preschool size backpacks are one of my favorite gifts to give to my daughter's friends.  Add a book or toy and it's complete!

 My little guy starts 5 day a week, all day, Pre-K on Thursday!  I am a little sad and will miss him while he is gone, but I know he is going to love it!   We took this bag in LCS colors to his teacher tonight at Meet the Teacher.  Go Bulldogs!

Picture Post Catch Up

Here are a few pictures of TSP products that went out before I took my little staycation and a few that went out this week!

Love this green seersucker with navy embroidery!
 I know many people planned on using these as pool bags, but they also make fabulous tailgating bags and bags to tote things around the holidays.  I still have a few in stock. 
$28 Carry All
 Hooded towel with matching boxers.
$18 towel, $14 boxers

 Sweet Nealy became a big sister this summer!
 Loving this new pink/green fabric collection.
Hot pink domino dot duffle bag with lime green straps.
 Market Totes make great gifts!  I just gave one filled with a Bakerella Cake Pop cook book and everything you need to make cake pops!  
 These seersucker totes were hard to keep in.  I just restocked!  Love this teal/orange combo!
 A giveaway winner chose this adorable brown zebra large tote with orange monogram!
 This is a new font choice...looks best as a 3 letter's called Interlocking Script
 A customer bought this as a gift and filled with baby necessities! 
I cannot believe little Jake is turning 1.  I love seeing all your babies grow up!  This party is sure to be a hit!  His momma is one great party planner!
Lucas turned 4 and is going to also wear his birthday shirt to cheer on his favorite team...OSU!