Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What to do?

I am not real sure where to start with this so please forgive me if I ramble.   
I have said before there are times I struggle balancing TSP with being a wife and mother.  I don't know if it is just my personality or time management or what, but my anxiety over all of this has begun again.  
 Many of you remember this post from last year.  I stopped taking "custom orders"....(well sort of) to see if that would help me.  However  my biggest weakness is saying no.  I just can't do it. I don't like to disappoint people so I usually say yes. :)  
For example, back on June 3rd I said I wasn't taking any more orders so I could get caught up and guess what I've done?  Yep, taken over 25 more orders since then.  See I told you I have a problem. HA! 
I work well into the wee hours of the morning most nights and then I can't figure out why I'm so tired the next day and not the mom I want to be.  Hmmm....I think I know why!  I have hated that for the past week I have had to leave family time to work.  I love you guys and what I do, but I'd rather be swimming or hanging out with my kids in the evenings!  Sorry!
I mean look at them, wouldn't you rather hang out with them too?!
So I've made a very difficult decision.  I am not taking any more orders (for real this time. HA!) until the beginning of August.  I am so sorry!  If I have your order now, that doesn't include you.  I have tons more orders to complete and I will get those done so don't worry if you have already contacted me.  Also, don't fret if you are someone who contacted me after June 3rd with an order I am not "black listing" you. :)   Ha!  

I honestly hate doing this and hope you understand.  I don't want people to think I complain or am not grateful, because I know there are many people who need/want a job right now and here I am making a decision to step away for a bit.   I just have to remember that I have always said my family comes first and the only way for that to happen is for me to take a little break.  

With that being said, I am planning on doing some giveaways this summer so keep checking Facebook and here for updates!   I'll see you in August!!  Have a great summer!!  And with all sincerity thank you so much for blessing my business!  I love all my customers so much and it means the world to me when you refer your friends!    

Bags and Totes

These carry all totes have been HUGE hits this summer!  I love this one that says "Sooners"!  
I still can't figure out why my pictures are distorted on here!  Irritating! This picture was perfectly clear before I uploaded it?! 
Lime Floral Market tote
Pink/Green mini market tote
 Pink Carry All
Pink floral market tote

Mini Market totes: $23
Regular Market totes: $28
Carry All Tote: $28

Loving me some babies

If you know me personally at all you know I have a fond liking of babies!  I could sit and snuggle a baby all day!  I just can't help but to kiss their little heads!  And since I am not having any more babies of my own, I have a tendency to steal other people's babies when they are around. :)  I mean I give them back, but I just need a little fix now and then. 
Enjoy these sweet baby gifts!
I feel like little Alex was just born so when his mom had me making 12 month onesies I couldn't believe it!
 I get asked a lot if I ship and YES I do!  I'm happy to ship a gift to someone if you need me too and include a little enclosure card from you!
I loved this little green and lavender set!

I want to remind you that these gifts are handmade and not made in mass quantities.  Each one is going to be different and may vary from a previous one.  I put a lot of love and time into your order so please keep that in mind when ordering.  There is a pile in my room that I put things that I am not happy with as far as quality goes and usually when I pick it up the 2nd time I can't figure out why I didn't sell it (in other words I am pretty hard on myself!) , however there may be times that I don't catch an error.  I feel like I offer  good quality items and hope you guys feel the same way.  If you are looking for mass produced items that appear "perfect",  Tickled Sew Pink may not be the place for you.  

Tis the time for Towels!

Okay and cute swim suits too.  How precious is this? You should see the beautiful little girl who is wearing it.  She is precious too!
 These adult minky towel wraps are for a 30th birthday girl's trip.  What a fun welcome gift from the birthday girl!! 

They come in child and tween sizes too!
I still carry the original towel wraps as well!  
OSU appliqued towel wrap!

 close up
The Tulsa Parade of Homes is going on right now and these towels are hanging in a beautiful parade house in River's Edge.  Go check it out if you are local!!