Monday, May 30, 2011


Tis the season for towels.....beach towels, towel wraps, graduation gifts, and more! 

I find it funny that when I initially started this business I wanted to make cute things for my kids.  However, I hardly ever have time to make things for them because I stay so busy making cute things for you! :)  Kylan has been asking me for several days to please put his name on a towel, so I took the time today to do that. 
Sister got 2, because I couldn't pass up this adorable flip flop towel!

Big brother/Little Sister gifts

 Towel wraps come in lots of colors
black, red, hot pink, light pink, dark purple, navy, orange, white, teal, lime green
$25 including monogramming

Pair one with a set of matching towels!

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