Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Tickled Pink

I love it when I get emails from you telling me how much you love your TSP products.  Makes staying up late and all the hard work worth it!   Enjoy these pictures from recent orders!

OU girl onesie with bling!

 Princess Harper gown with bling
(gowns come in pastel blue, pink, or white)

 I am in major love with these new seersucker bags!!
Comes in lime, lavender, chocolate, red, blue, pink, orange, aqua!)
I wish Blogger wouldn't jack with the color of the pictures when I upload them because these are way cuter in person!!
Lavendar tote
$22 (includes basic monogram)
 Mary Cate's momma bought her an entire set
*duffle, cosmetic case, and tote*

 Pink tote

Super cute for everyday wear or even over a swim diaper
$14 includes basic monogram
(blue, chocolate, lime,  red)

 Lime green tote with navy embroidery

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