Thursday, April 28, 2011

Look What is on their way to TSP!!

I am excited to offer a new market tote to TSP.  I advertised these WAY back when and then went with a different company, but I'm excited to try these out!  There are lots of other colors/designs, but I am starting with these.  What a great wedding gift with picnic items, towels, etc. inside or they'd be great for a summer birthday with picnic items or to sport your team spirit!

I'm even more excited to carry these Carry All bags!!  I have one that I have used for 2 years now and I get asked constantly where I got it.  They are great for the pool with towels, snacks, and toys inside and I use mine every time I have tote food or gifts over the holidays or to parties!!  The great part is the the embroidery pocket comes off so you can order more than one panel if you want one for a sports team, but then want a panel with your name on it too!  What a fabulous idea!!  

These styles are all on their way, but if there is a certain color you are interested in, let me know because I might be able to get it!

Monday, April 25, 2011

And the Winner is....

*I'm real graceful on camera as you can tell.   Geez, I meant Congrats to the winner and to thank everybody for entering and sharing your TSP love.  And I love how Kynlee cheeses it up at the beginning.  She thought I was going to take her picture! She is well trained! Ha!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm am in major love with the new seersucker everything totes!  They are the perfect size for EVERYTHING!  The fact that they are lined inside makes it great for the pool!  I am definitely making myself one from this bunch if I can only decide which color and I want you to have one too!  So let's have a giveaway!  There are several ways to enter:

1-See that adorable new button over there on the right side of my website?  Copy that handy dandy code there onto your blog for an entry.

2-Suggest TSP Facebook page to your friends on FB for another entry.  (Look on the bottom of my Facebook page and hit "share")

3- Become a "follower" of this site over there on the right!

4-Blog or tweet for extra entries!

Come back here and leave a comment for each thing you do or leave a comment on my FB page and you'll be entered!  I'll draw the winner on Sunday night!
Happy Easter!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweet Charlie is having a race car themed birthday party. He is going to look precious in his birthday shirt!
One of my favorite parts of this job is seeing all the cute names.  Loving Hollace!

Seersucker tickles me PINK

I am loving all this seersucker.  I wish pictures did it justice, but they just don't!  
Seersucker shorts
 Great Mother's Day gifts!

I also have these preschool size camo backpacks.  They are precious with a tie onesie or burp/bib combo!

 Seersucker lunch tote and backpack set!

Spring Gifts

Perfectly Pink Tee for big/little gifts
 *Customer provided chair*
I know I said this before, but these towel wraps for girls are super soft and would make a cute bday gift for all those spring/summer parties!  Ordering more this week!  Comes in several colors!
Are you pool ready?  Get your beach towels monogrammed before you head to the pool or lake!
*customer provided towel*
*customer provided bag*
Yes, there is still time to have your Easter basket liners monogrammed.  Email me today! 

Nap Mats
These are great for Mother's Day Out or just to have for sleepovers!
I have 2 left in stock, but will be ordering more!  Boy patterns available too!
These 2 were purchased at Peek a Boo Baby.

*Blanket purchased at Peek a Boo Baby*
Bibs make great gifts!
This applique frame is one of my new favorites! Can be put on onesies too!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another New Product

I have carried adult spa wraps for a while now, but I am super excited to have these new minky children's wraps.  They are PRECIOUS AND SUPER SOFT.  I could literally cuddle up with one.  Great gift for all those summer birthdays, for the pool, or after bath time.  
19"length x 50" width
Perfect size 4-6X

These two are in stock now, but they come in several other colors as well.
$25 includes basic monogram!

Monday, April 11, 2011


It is the time of year for gifts!
Order now before the rush!! 

Here were/ are a few of the most popular items people have been ordering.

Towel wraps make the perfect graduation gift.
They come in TONS of colors!
*black, white, hot pink, lime, purple, red, aqua, orange, navy, pastel pink*

These new seersucker totes are perfect for moms, teachers, and grads alike.  They are perfect for the pool, laptop, books, ect!
And of course the original medium tote comes in several pattern/colors.  I will be ordering again soon, so email me if there is something specific you are wanting as far as colors/patterns go!  Polka dots, solid, damask, zebra, houndstooth!  

I'm Tickled Pink

I love it when I get emails from you telling me how much you love your TSP products.  Makes staying up late and all the hard work worth it!   Enjoy these pictures from recent orders!

OU girl onesie with bling!

 Princess Harper gown with bling
(gowns come in pastel blue, pink, or white)

 I am in major love with these new seersucker bags!!
Comes in lime, lavender, chocolate, red, blue, pink, orange, aqua!)
I wish Blogger wouldn't jack with the color of the pictures when I upload them because these are way cuter in person!!
Lavendar tote
$22 (includes basic monogram)
 Mary Cate's momma bought her an entire set
*duffle, cosmetic case, and tote*

 Pink tote

Super cute for everyday wear or even over a swim diaper
$14 includes basic monogram
(blue, chocolate, lime,  red)

 Lime green tote with navy embroidery