Friday, February 11, 2011

New Product Ideas

I am always trying to think of new products to carry. I have a few new things in the works, but wanted to get some input from you.  I think these umbrellas are PRECIOUS!  They come in lots of colors and prints, but I just chose a few to show you.  Not exactly sure on the cost yet, but probably $20-25 with monogramming.  The kids size would be more around $15. 

Broken Arrow black and gold possibly?
Bixby, Victory, Metro 
How cute monogrammed in red or yellow?

 Since I am a Jenks alum and former Jenks teacher here is maroon and white for my fellow Trojans!
 Even orange for you Poke fans!
How cute is this kid's size one for little girls?  
I'm thinking they are a perfect gift for spring or just a treat for yourself.  What do you think?  Comment and let me know which one you would want and vote in the poll on the side.  I need your advice. I don't want to carry things you guys wouldn't buy!

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