Thursday, February 24, 2011

2 new favorite things

I received this as a special surprise from Paperdoll Designs.  If you have never seen her stuff, go check it out!  She truly does Tickle Me Pink!!  I love her, her products, and her heart for her business.  Click here to see her blog.  This spiral is awesome...great quality....and I'll be ordering more for sure!  It's what I am going to start keeping my orders in. :)

 And my new favorite thing is this....
I've been wanting to get a new camera for a while now and we finally broke down and bought one.  I love it! I have a sweet friend who came over and taught me the basics and I am looking forward to taking some classes to learn even more.  My picture quality is much better now....if only blogger would quit distorting them when I upload.  I can no longer blame that on my camera or it's operator. :)

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