Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Well the spring storms have arrived in OK.  It's crazy here: blizzard one week, 70 degrees the next, and today dreary and rainy!  
Umbrellas arrived yesterday, so I am going to be busy embroidering them to keep you and your little girls dry!
Child's Zebra print with initials
Kynlee tested one out for me....except she kept saying "Wet mommy!"  I didn't make her actually go out in the rain, but she wasn't really happy to even be standing on the porch. 
Ignore the was jammie day here at our house.  Do you have a day like that?

I'll be taking another order for umbrellas soon!  Don't miss out!! They are precious!!

2 new favorite things

I received this as a special surprise from Paperdoll Designs.  If you have never seen her stuff, go check it out!  She truly does Tickle Me Pink!!  I love her, her products, and her heart for her business.  Click here to see her blog.  This spiral is awesome...great quality....and I'll be ordering more for sure!  It's what I am going to start keeping my orders in. :)

 And my new favorite thing is this....
I've been wanting to get a new camera for a while now and we finally broke down and bought one.  I love it! I have a sweet friend who came over and taught me the basics and I am looking forward to taking some classes to learn even more.  My picture quality is much better now....if only blogger would quit distorting them when I upload.  I can no longer blame that on my camera or it's operator. :)

Picture Post

Sorry for the delay in posting.  It's not for lack of things to show you, just trying to find the time to sit down and upload them all!  

A sweet customer just went on a cruise.  I'm just a tad envious. Ha!  She brought me this cute make up bag to monogram.
She had a large tote made also!

 My friend had a baby girl the night of the blizzard here in OK, so I made her a little gift for sweet Hayden!
 Another sweet customer bought some solid pants for MC and we made some shirts to coordinate!  This is navy and pink, but I am not sure why when I upload pictures it distorts the colors.  If you know, feel free to send me a comment why.

 Brown/pink damask preschool backpack for a 1st birthday!
 Sweet Luke and Audrey have a birthday coming up!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Umbrella Pre Sale

I'm going to do a presale for umbrellas until Friday.  I've had several emails about them and lots of people expressing interest.  They will make great Easter Basket ideas, birthday and Mother's Day gifts, as well as a little something for yourself.  

Children's Umbrellas
 Purple, Light Pink, Zebra with pink trim, and Multi Dot

Adult Umbrella
Polka Dot in several colors

royal blue
dark red (I'm thinking maybe crimson color)

light blue (would be super cute monogrammed in pink)



Zebra Umbrella
The reason for the price difference is this one is a manual open umbrella and the rest of the adult ones are auto open.  However it does come with a slide-in sleeve.  

All of these would be super cute monogrammed with an initial or name.  Get your order in today!
Please remember to email be the style/pattern you want, the name and font you want, and color of thread. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Product Ideas

I am always trying to think of new products to carry. I have a few new things in the works, but wanted to get some input from you.  I think these umbrellas are PRECIOUS!  They come in lots of colors and prints, but I just chose a few to show you.  Not exactly sure on the cost yet, but probably $20-25 with monogramming.  The kids size would be more around $15. 

Broken Arrow black and gold possibly?
Bixby, Victory, Metro 
How cute monogrammed in red or yellow?

 Since I am a Jenks alum and former Jenks teacher here is maroon and white for my fellow Trojans!
 Even orange for you Poke fans!
How cute is this kid's size one for little girls?  
I'm thinking they are a perfect gift for spring or just a treat for yourself.  What do you think?  Comment and let me know which one you would want and vote in the poll on the side.  I need your advice. I don't want to carry things you guys wouldn't buy!