Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Love Never Fails

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is 1 Corinthians 13:8.  It says "Love Never Fails." I know it goes on to say more and it says great stuff before, but there is something about that verse that touches me.  I think it goes along with the fact that the Bible also says in 1 John "God is Love" and if God is love and love never fails, then God never fails.  I love knowing that!  I also try to apply it in other areas in my life like remembering to show love to the sometimes "unlovable" kind of people.  Ever run into those kind?  Me either. Ha!  Actually I can be pretty unlovable at times, just ask my husband after I've gone a few nights past my bedtime. :) 

With that being said, let's look at some LOVEly new Valentine's Day options.
Keep in mind all of these designs can be used with any combination of fabric/s.  

Swirly heart with name
*black shirts are limited quantity*
 LOVE shirt
 XOXO Shirt
Stacked Love Shirt
*this picture (like always) doesn't do this shirt justice.  It is precious in person.  The O is red sequins! I need some real help in the photography area...or maybe just a new camera. :)*
I cannot wait to try other fabric combinations with these designs.  Another idea is to use any of these fabrics and just do an initial with a name. 
 This shirt is NOT available, just wanted to show you the cute fabric!  I DO have that.
red, pink, fuchsia
 Pink with Red polka dots or Red with Pink polka dots
 Red with white polka dots or White with red polka dots
 Red gingham, stripe or solid
pink/red hearts, pink heart, red heart, or brown heart
 Pink polka dot
This is a random one, but these pink seersucker bitty boxers were real popular last year and I have 1 pair of Adult Mediums left.  
$15 monogrammed with hearts
*If there is enough interest I could get more*
I have some red/white polka dot dresses, onesies, and shirts left that would also be cute for Valentine's Day. 
So now it's time to show some love.  Share Tickled Sew Pink with someone else either by tweeting, blogging, facebooking, or even by word of mouth (I'll take your word for this one) and then leave me a comment telling me what you did and about something/someone you LOVE.   So your comment might look like this:
"I shared a FB status about your giveaway and I love Dr. Pepper almost as much as my kids, especially if it comes from Sonic."
Easy as pie, right?!  If your number is randomly picked you will win a shirt of your choice!!  Now go show some LOVE!  Giveaway ends Friday at midnight and winner will be announced Saturday!


  1. i shared the link for your website and contest on fb; I love that i bumped into someone in line for a ride in disney world (oct 2010)and loved her daughters shirt so i asked where she got it and she referred me to your fb site!!!

  2. Just got done giving a shout out on facebook.

    I love to put my kids to bed #1 because it means a end to a very long day and #2 because of all the hugs and kiss, and knowing i get to wake up to them all over again.


  3. Shared the love on FB! Happy Valentines day- I love all the designs!

  4. I posted on facebook. Hope I win!!!!! And right now, I LOVE naptime.

  5. Shared as my status on FB! I love my little Maya to the moon and back!! She is the light of my life!!
    SO going to be ordering that black shirt with the zebra and sequins sometime this week!!

  6. I showed your awesome burp rags to my momma, and told her about your cool little business, and I LOVE my newest little foster daughter who turns 6 weeks today!

  7. I tagged you in a status update on Facebook! What do I LOVE? I LOVE that my 5-month old sleeps through the night! :)

  8. Just posted on FB

    I love fun girly stuff for my girly girl...can't get enough!

  9. I posted on facebook! The Valentines shirts are so cute! I love when my girls take a nap at the same means mommy gets a nap too!!!

  10. My friend and I looked through your designs!! love them!! I love love love my babies!!!

  11. I posted about your site on facebook! Emma still loves her Valentine shirt from last year. Your new stuff looks so cute!