Thursday, January 20, 2011

Caffeine Intake Increasing

I love all my customers!  Lots of you are friends, friends of friends, or now people I call friends!  It has been so much fun meeting new people and finding out how you heard about Tickled Sew Pink.  
Since I've opened back up you guys are keeping me up late at night and the  Dr. Pepper intake has increased. Well maybe it's not your fault, but I'll say it is because it makes me feel better! :)
Diaper Cover
*love this name...another fun part of this job is seeing all the names!  Thank goodness I'm not having any more babies, because there are a few that I would steal!*
OU Baby Gift Set with Tinker Toy font

 Large pink domino tote with Curlz font
I'm working on updating my price list and posting it on here.  Some prices will stay the same, some might be different than they are now.  The least favorite part of this job...charging people.
 I am still looking for someone who is interesting in helping me create a cute, user friendly (aka: easy to update), reasonably priced website. If you know anyone, please email me. Thank you to those who have made recommendations already. I'll be following up soon!
Hope you are staying warm.  We are having a snow day today!

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