Monday, October 11, 2010

Difficult Decision

I feel so blessed to have been able to start this business less than a year ago and be where I am today. I was a former teacher/ stay at home mom who thought it would be fun to make some cute things for my little girl and bring in a little income on the side. I had no idea how quickly it would grow. I truly feel overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who has given my name out or recommended me to friends.

Lately I have been forced to make some difficult decisions regarding Tickled Sew Pink. I have sort of joked in the past about how I struggle to balance being a good wife, mother, business owner with no one being neglected. After talking it out with several close friends I realized it basically boils down to priorities. My very first priority is my husband and children. They come first, PERIOD. However, recently I have let this business take over and it is causing me to realize my first priority isn't always first. I say all of this to say that I had to take a hard look at where I could adjust and make time to do both and do both well (meaning be a wife, mother, and business owner). It really is a simple change and some will not notice any changes at all. I have decided not to do any more custom orders.

What is a custom order you ask? Well if you are asking me "Can you put such and such letters on the front, then in another color do such and such and then tie it in a fancy bow?" That is custom. It isn't the basic burp rag, applique, etc. It would be something that would be special just for you or a small group that wouldn't be something everyone would want. If you have a question if your future order falls in that category, please feel free to ask. Just please understand if I have to tell you no it isn't easy for me, but I have to keep in mind my children are growing up fast enough as it is and I cannot fathom missing one second of it. This change won't be forever, but at least until my kiddos are in school full time and I have more time during the day to work. *Normally I am working from 8:30 pm- about 1:00am.*

Thank you again for helping this little dream of mine explode into an amazing reality!

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  1. I'm so proud of you, Terra! I know that this is a SUPER tough decision for you, but it's a wise one. You and I are a lot's difficult to say "no", we like to please, and we aim for perfection. All of that combined with a VERY successful business and an amazing family is a tough combination. Standing up for time with your precious family will pay off huge dividends in the end. I have a feeling your business will still be very successful in a couple years (and most likely even more so), so you will have no problem picking up where you left off when the kiddos are both in school. Keep up the awesome work, Terra! As I have mentioned several times, your work is BEAUTIFUL and oh-so-creative and cute!!!