Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tickled Sew Pink has a Sibling

That's right! You guys have been such blessings and keeping me busy, busy these days that I now have a sister/brother (not sure which! Ha!) company that is going to be doing some work for me, but mainly focusing on doing logos and such! So....if you own a business or are part of a team that needs a logo or a larger quantity of items done T Town Embroidery is the place to go! He can do shirts, bags, towels, hats, etc. Actually it is kind of fun to be working with my dad! He is great and very detailed oriented and does great work! I know you will be very pleased with any work he does for you.
When I first started Tickled Sew Pink I really thought it would be a part time job that would be fun and I could make my little girl cute things and gifts on the side. However it has been far more than that! I had to learn ( still am!) some major time management skills and how to juggle a 1 and 3 year old, husband, and working without sacrificing precious family time. I know there are tons of moms who do it and I just respect them so much. The idea of expanding came when I was approached by several people about putting their logos on things for their companies and sports teams. But when it came down to time I just didn't have any spare time to learn the digitizing side of this business and if I had to choose I would rather do the fun, cutsie stuff. Sorry, it's the girlie girl in me! :) I hated turning people away however and realized that my dad would be perfect for the job!
So if you are in the market for some logo work or team items, T Town Embroidery would love to help you out!
You can email Kevin at You might cc for a while until I teach him the administration side of things! HA!!

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