Thursday, February 18, 2010

A basic monogrammed shirt is a fun way to make your little one's outfit a little more special!

Bitty Boxers
$18 with basic monogram
Big/Little Sis t-shirts
$30 a set
Monogrammed Diaper cover
$10 with monogram
Great for newborn photos or for little girls to wear under dresses and skirts.
Sizes up to 26 lbs.
$26 with monogram


  1. great job on the big sis shirts with the crowns...Love them! :)

  2. Hi Terra, I want to order this pink damask print backpack. I need it for a friends little girl's birthday in April, is that enough time? I would love to have it monogrammed with her initials which would be LHC (in that order, first, last, and middle initials)Can you do a really scripty font that looks like the classic monogram? Let me know what and if you need anything else, thanks! Leslie~