Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blessed to be Busy

This new venture of mine has been so much fun! Sure there are things I am learning as I go (mostly time management) but I feel so blessed to be busy! Thank you to all that have sent business my way and made this new journey so much fun!

Running shorts
$25 with basic monogram
Large Duffle
$31 with basic monogram
Long sleeve OU onesie with rhinestone accents

This zebra onesie is so stinkin' cute! (Way cuter in person!)

Onesie with ribbon accent (you choose the color)
$25 with basic monogram
Diaper cover $10

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring Fling

Don't forget that Tickled Sew Pink will be at the Spring Fling Monday from 10 am-1 pm. Email me at for directions. For more information, click here.

Hope to see you there!

Running Shorts

$25 with monogram
A basic monogrammed shirt is a fun way to make your little one's outfit a little more special!

Bitty Boxers
$18 with basic monogram
Big/Little Sis t-shirts
$30 a set
Monogrammed Diaper cover
$10 with monogram
Great for newborn photos or for little girls to wear under dresses and skirts.
Sizes up to 26 lbs.
$26 with monogram

Friday, February 12, 2010


When I opened the box of these today my heart skipped a beat. I can already imagine these with cute monograms, maybe add a ribbon accent, tutu, oh my! I'm off to create something cute for Kynlee with one of these!!
These come in short and long sleeves!

Leg Warmers $12

Short sleeve: $20 with monogram
Long sleeve: $22
Tutu: $15
Leg warmers: $12

Tops would be precious with Swarovski crystal accents or ribbon accents!!
E-mail for add on accent prices.

I've been busy

This new business has been lots of fun for me. I love creating cute, personalized items for people. I know my husband gets tired of me saying, "Honey, look how cute this is!" He is a good sport most of the time however! I am learning to manage my time as I go. Remember I was a teacher before I became a mom, so I am learning the "business" side of things. I am a wife/mother first and new business owner second so I've been spending lots of late nights and nap times getting things finished. Thank you to those that order for being patient with me.
Love this houndstooth bag with monogram.
$31 (with monogram)
Black towel wrap with monogram
Obviously I need to work on my photography skills. It looks like a towel, but it does have the velcro to make it a wrap. Very nice quality.
I can get this in lots of colors, email for details!
Orange Messenger Bag
Comes in other colors!
Black damask backpack with lavender monogram.
$26 (includes monogram)
Reversible pillowcase
$18 (for double monogram)

These pink seersucker shorts have been popular for Valentine's Day!
$18 with monogram
Microfleece blankets--SUPER SOFT
(baby pink, baby blue, mint, hot pink, chocolate brown, natural)
$18 with monogram

Monday, February 8, 2010

Canvas Duffle
$20 + 25%off monogram
Zebra Boxers with monogram
Spa Wrap with monogram
Large Duffle
$25+25% off monogram

Diaper Bag
$20+25% off monogram

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's In Stock?

I've had several emails regarding ordering and what I keep in stock. I am still learning what is popular and to keep on hand and what to custom order. I order about twice a month so far so keep that in mind when you are wanting something special. Most companies require that I order a minimum amount so unfortunately I cannot just order 1 thing at a time. I usually always have baby onesies, burp cloths, 12 month-5T shirts, baby blankets (I have some super soft pink/blue ones on hand), and bibs on hand. Here are some things I currently have in stock. Remember on the bags, the price listed is for it plain. If you purchase the bag from me, I will give you 25% off my monogramming prices.
Terry Velour Slippers (Medium) in White
These come solid and you may have them monogrammed however you like.
Terry Slippers (Small) in royal purple (not blue)
$10 with basic monogram
Towel Wrap very nice quality
$25 with basic monogram
I have 1 purple in stock, but will be ordering more!** SOLD
All drawstring backpacks are $5 plain or $11 with basic monogram.

Medium Totes

Pink and Green diaper bag with changing pad and zipper pouch
Insulated Lunch tote with utensil case
2 in stock Maroon and white polka dot duffle
Red/Black polka dot lunch tote
Lime green/pink lunch tote
Red Damask Backpack
Brown polka dot cosmetic case, I also have one in pink and white polka dot
Black and white large cosmetic case

Large Duffles
Maroon and Black

Solid Orange duffle
Red Damask $20
Black Houndstooth
Blue/white canvas duffle
$20 ***SOLD

Pink Seersucker Bitty Boxers (2 Mediums)
$12 plain
$18 with basic monogram
Cute for Valentine's Day
Velocity Running Short (1 XS)
$19 plain
$25 with basic monogram
Flannel Zebra Bitty Boxer (Adult L)
$12 plain
$18 with basic monogram
Purple gingham bitty boxer (Medium)
$12 plain
$18 with basic monogram

Lemon plaid boxer (Small)
$12 plain
$18 with monogram