Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hellllloooo out there

I cannot believe I have let this much time pass since an update.  I have been busy working away and here are a few pictures to prove my story. :)

I have started making these precious shirts now too.  I can customize them to say what you would like. I have started pretty basic, but this machine is so cool and can do some awesome things!  I can't wait find more time to play around with it!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Back to School already!

Backpack/Lunch tote order!!
I know summer is just starting, but these always sell out fast and I'm hoping they stay in stock long enough to get my order in.  I will be ordering Sunday night so please get me your order before then.  All of the backpacks have a matching lunch pail and preschool size backpack as well except for the Greek Key Hole design does not come in preschool size.

Prices: $25 preschool size
$28 full size
$17 lunch
$15 drawstring gym bag
Save 10% if you order 2 items with same monogram
Save 15% if you order 3 items with same monogram




Gym bags come in all the above prints plus these chevrons

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summertime Schedule

Oh my this is always my big dilemma...what to do in the summer with TSP.  If I am being really honest, I just want to take June-August off and play with my kids and lay by the pool, but I know in reality y'all would drop me in 2 seconds if I did that. Ha!
One summer I took all of July off and came back completely overwhelmed.  Did you know that my 3 busiest seasons are Christmas, end of school year and back to school?  So needless to say taking July off was not my brightest moment.
Last year I decided I would just take a week off here and there and that worked better, but I still struggled juggling being present for my kiddos and working.  I have 2 little kids still.  They are only 5 and 7 years old.  They still want my attention and me to play and take them to do things and I want to do those things and not have to always say "later, mommy is working".  I don't want them to remember their summers being that I was always "too busy" for them.  So this year I am trying yet ANOTHER idea.  I am going to try to work Monday-Thursday.  That may mean it takes longer than 2 weeks for orders, but I have always said my family comes first so I'm going to see how this works.  It's not set in stone, but for now that's the plan.  I will probably only return emails those days too so don't stress if you email me on a Thursday and don't hear back from me over the weekend.
Thank you again for being the BEST customers ever!!  Happy Summer friends!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Oh Dear

Most of you know by now, but that last Thursday night I was working late and my machine decided to start making this awful screeching noise  and I knew she was telling me she had had enough!  I almost cried.  I am just thankful she finished the job she was stitching out so nothing got ruined!   I mean really, could it have happened at a worse time?   Christmas, end of school year and back to school are the craziest times at TSP.  But I knew there was nothing I could do. So she is still in the shop and I am hoping her homecoming will be today or tomorrow.  I cannot say THANK YOU enough for being so understanding. Trust me, I know the frustration and I may not see the light of day once she gets back while I try to get caught up!   In the meantime here are some pictures of things I had been working on before...

These ruffled gowns are PRECIOUS!  They come in pink and white. 

 Love the way these burp cloths turned out
 I have one more set of swimsuits to finish and then I will be able to post my leftovers for anyone who may still want them!

 New baseball design!  LOVE!

Hope you have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gifts Galore

This time of year gets crazy at TSP. I tell you that so if you are planning on order for Mother's Day, graduation, or end of year teacher gifts you can start planning now.  I also thought I would feature some of my favorite and most popular gift items.  Check back on Facebook often to catch a sale or two on some of these in the coming days! 

The new clutches and cuffs have been a hit and I think would make darling Mother's Day, graduation or teacher gifts.  
Mongrammed Cuffs $18

Monogrammed Clutch 
Color options 
Navy, black, hot pink, lime green, coral, aqua

Towel wraps are another great option for grads!  The are $25 monogrammed and come in the following colors:
white, black, hot pink, navy, light pink, purple, red, aqua, burgandy, chocolate, lavender, lime, orange, silver, or yellow. 

Market totes, seersucker totes, carry all bags, and quilted totes make great Mother's Day, end of year teacher gifts, or graduation gifts.  They all come in tons of options.  Just email me for choices!

Seersucker totes
Great for the pool this summer 
 Full size market totes
I promise you will use this for everything!!  Picnics, pools, ball games, great option!

 The Carry all bag is my #1 seller this time of year.  The best bag ever for the pool or lake and college kids love them b/c they can pack them full for traveling back and forth to school.

 Mini market totes are $23 and just as handy for the pool, picnics, etc.

I have a few quilted totes in stock.  
Perfect size bag
 And a lot of people drop their own towels off for grads and that is perfectly fine too!  
$6 to add initials/name

Order any of the items listed above by Friday and receive 15% off your order!
*does not apply to items you drop off